"I have been very fortunate to work with Suzi Purcell for the past 16 years.  She began implementing weekly guided meditation sessions at the start of our school day.  I found it to be a very helpful and relaxing way to start my day.  It was difficult at first, but with Suzi's expertise and guidance I found it became much more natural for me.  This was something I needed and I am very grateful to Suzi for bringing it into my life.  I now work on incorporating meditation into my daily life.  It helps me live in the present moment and encourages me to look for the joy and happiness in every part of my day." Jen 

"Suzi Purcell is truly deserving of recognition! She gave a thoughtful, insightful presentation to the staff about mindfulness during our faculty meeting. In addition, she runs a Wednesday morning meditation session for staff each week. Her efforts to teach about mindfulness in her classroom and to educate the staff about mindfulness in our students, our teaching, and ourselves is single handedly making an already amazing school even better. Thank you, Suzi!”  Sarah

"Suzi is an experienced, gentle teacher, who guides her students with warmth and wisdom. Her mindfulness and meditation training has made a big difference in my life and her sessions are always something I look forward to. "  Eve

"I found Suzi's guided meditations to be so calming and inspiring. Each session was special in a new way, focusing on breathing, calming the mind, or about being present. Suzi's tone, patience, and sensitivity made the experience very beneficial to approaching the busy workday with renewed focus and acceptance."  Ann